Election update: November 2011

The November 2011 odd-year election brings new attempts to push Local Options or tax measures in 8 cities and 1 county.

Roughly 27 centers and 11 IPM licensees are on the chopping block in Oak Creek, Palisade, Steamboat Springs, Fort Collins and the whole of Routt County. All are voting on local options which would close their existing facilities, ending safer local access to medicine for the 12,000 patients represented in these areas. Almost 10% of the registry stands to lose local access to marijuana through MMCs during this election season.

The City Council of Brush, population ~5000, decided to ask their voters if they should join the remaining Morgan County communities in passing the local option. With no existing centers and a total ban looking likely, patients in Morgan County will have to wait a little longer for safe access.

The voters in Palisade could shutter the last remaining center in Mesa County, much to the joy of some busybodies in Grand Junction who've worked heartlessly to make medical marijuana harder for licensed responsible adults to acquire safely in the greater Mesa County area.

Breckenridge and Commerce City both vote on tax measures to attach special taxes to medical marijuana transactions.

Yampa, near Steamboat, will vote whether to allow any centers to open after next July in its 0.2 sq. mile city limits. (Is there even a zoning code there?)

The most contentious battle seems to be taking place in Fort Collins. A coalition consisting of the county sheriff, an assistant district attorney, a city councilman's wife and a former mayor put together nearly 150% of the signatures they needed to force a special election. At stake, whether to allow the 21 shops and half-dozen IPM licensees to continue operation. The weed scene is intimately tied in with the booming microbrew scene in that town so this is the battle to watch. Will a city that has based so much of its economy on recreational alcohol sales kowtow to discompassionate moralists who can't stand to see people treating themselves?

Edit: Yuma County also voted on the subject.