Highlights of 2012

Highlights of 2012:

December (~430 posts)

1) Boulder officials: Ban non-medical pot shops ahead of legalization via Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12156

2) Voters say yes to legalizing marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12158

3) 20 Colorado business groups want federal pot laws enforced despite Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12159

4) Colorado’s Historic Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12160

5) The affect of marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12166

6) Montrose city voters said no on Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12167

7) Windsor police discover thousands of dollars worth of marijuana in garage on Main Street http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12169

8) DA proceeding with caution on pot cases http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12175

9) Marijuana use among impaired drivers up statewide http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12177

10) Man identified as victim in Arvada home invasion was fatally shot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12179

11) Boulder Meds owner says license denied because of state error http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12180

12) Investor high on Stoner http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12182

13) Marijuana cases won’t be dismissed in El Paso, Teller counties http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12191

14) Larimer County will study whether to allow legalized pot businesses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12194

15) Dacono medical marijuana issue will go to ballot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12195

16) Council begins implementing return of medical marijuana dispensaries http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12196

17) Wyoming law enforcement ready for Colorado cannabis impacts http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12198

18) Parker decisive on marijuana shop ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12203

19) Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division releases proposed MMJ biz rule changes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12206

20) Now what? Marijuana legalized in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12210

21) Boulder council: No ban on recreational pot shops for now http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12212

22) Medication causes false positive for THC http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12217

23) Business organizations ask feds to clamp down on Colorado marijuana measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12218

24) What employers should know about Colorado’s new marijuana use law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12219

25) 30-day countdown to legal pot in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12224

26) Cities face hard choices on Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12225

27) Will a pot shop show up in my neighborhood? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12227

28) Steamboat Springs residents urged to share opinions on pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12228

29) Georgetown regulates medical marijuana caregivers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12229

30) Marijuana Law D-Day Approaching http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12230

31) Colo. lawmakers consider new standards for driving under influence of marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12231

32) Club 20, Grand Junction chamber join plea to Holder: Enforce pot law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12233

33) Garden City thrives as pocket of ‘alternative business’ http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12234

34) Marijuana will still be against rules on Colorado college campuses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12236

35) Colorado marijuana legalization initiative expected to be certified http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12238

36) Amendment 64: What it means for Poudre School District http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12243

37) Montrose Tiptoes Toward Temporary Marijuana Ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12248

38) Administration Weighs Legal Action Against States That Legalized Marijuana Use http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12249

39) Alamosa medical marijuana ordinance change rejected http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12252

40) Colorado Springs trying to sort out Amendment 64 issues http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12257

41) Carbondale pot shops and sales on the decline http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12262

42) Bruce Benson: CU risks losing $1B a year in federal funding over Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12263

43) Shuttered Fort Collins medical marijuana dispensaries first in line to reopen http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12265

44) Fort Collins man charged with pot grow after neighbor sees plants in backyard http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12268

45) CU Federal Funding Unaffected by Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12276

46) 2 CU-Boulder students arrested for feeding pot brownies to classmates, professor http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12290

47) Colorado will rewrite medical marijuana business rules http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12293

48) “Preponderance of Evidence” Considered for Driving While High Bill http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12299

49) Colorado students accused of sickening class with pot-laced brownies http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12303

50) State of Colorado Releases Memo: Amendment 64 FAQ http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12304

51) Hickenlooper signs proclamation making marijuana legalization official http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12307

52) Pot officially becomes legal http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12317


54) Springs, county mull pot business regulations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12324

55) Boulder officials await clarity after Gov. Hickenlooper signs Amendment 64 into law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12325

56) Marijuana smokers get nod to light up in Colorado as pot legalized http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12326

57) Colorado heading toward a too-stoned-to-drive standard, experts say http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12336

58) Gov. Hickenlooper creates task force to set rules for pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12341

59) Summit County shrugs as guv signs pot amendment into law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12342

60) What you can and can't do under new Colorado pot law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12343

61) Sensitiva shuts down http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12344

62) Mesa County school district mailed thousands of Scientology anti-marijuana pamphlets to parents http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12346

63) Marijuana activist says Fox31 fabricated stoned driving story http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12348

64) DA says new pot law won’t have much effect locally http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12359

65) Cannabiz 12/12/2012: Ali Hillery found not guilty http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12366

66) Springs Rep.-elect to serve on pot regulation task force http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12367

67) Amendment 64's effect on CU http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12369

68) Marijuana boom? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12372

69) Pot shops hit with calls since Monday http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12382

70) CU-Boulder student charged with 18 felonies, suspended from school in pot brownie case http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12385

71) Student hospitalized from eating marijuana brownie at school http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12393

72) Downvalley towns pass moratoriums on retail pot shops http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12400

73) Denver Drug Agent: Our Problems ‘Have Exploded’ With Pot Legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12414

74) Colorado pot legalization: 30 questions (and answers) http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12415

75) Medical marijuana dispensary to open in downtown Sedgwick http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12418

76) "Marijuana law hurts Colorado businesses" http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12419

77) Longmont woman caught between two laws http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12424

78) By the way, did you know you legalized hemp, too? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12425

79) Trinidad police set guidelines for marijuana possession http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12427

80) 7NEWS discovering marijuana poisoning cases on the rise http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12428

81) DEA takes nine months to brush off Colorado's reschedule-pot request http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12430

82) Obama won't go after states that legalized marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12431

83) Pot farmer gets two years http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12436

84) Guilty verdict in shooting death of Fort Carson soldier over drugs http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12442

85) Colorado Springs examines local options for retail marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12445

86) Planning Commission recommends approval of Bailey medical marijuana seller’s conditional use permit http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12448

87) Colorado Springs Police Chief clarifies marijuana enforcement for officers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12449

88) Dacono dispensaries ask court to block medical marijuana ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12451

89) Colorado starts to plot course for legal pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12459

90) How GOP Art Herzberger helped me create Colorado’s first medical marijuana program http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12465

91) Despite marijuana being legal, smoking pot at Colorado ski resorts prohibited http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12466

92) Man sues Larimer sheriff over destroyed medical marijuana plants after acquittal http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12467

93) Parker bars pot shops, sets rules on growing http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12468

94) Amendment 64 task force first meeting today: Welcome to the mild, wild West http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12469

95) Colorado legalizes marijuana; tips for employers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12472

96) Military helicopters aid in Larimer County marijuana busts http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12475

97) Colorado marijuana task force holds first meeting http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12477

98) In Colorado, Getting Down to Business of Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12478

99) Group sets about writing pot rules http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12487

100) El Paso County Commissioners act quickly with marijuana business ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12498

101) Colorado Amendment 64 brings new frontier http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12499

102) Man Arrested On Marijuana Charges http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12501

103) Lathen says Amendment 64 campaign was ‘deceptive’ http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12508

104) Grappling over legal marijuana begins in eastern Boulder County http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12514

105) Amendment 64 Strikes a Nerve in Montrose County http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12519

106) Vail unsure how to regulate pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12520

107) El Paso County forges ahead on pot ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12524

108) Douglas County imposes pot-shop ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12525

109) Now that it’s legal, what’s next? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12529

110) Colorado’s new pot laws: What they mean in Custer County http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12534

111) Thornton cautious as 64 rolls out http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12538

112) Vail Valley officials watching state on pot laws http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12548

113) Buck: Number of pot cases he could drop under Amendment 64 is insignificant http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12550

114) Law enforcement face tough choices on 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12552

115) Colorado County Rejects Pot Law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12559

116) Larimer County's first conversation over legal marijuana scheduled http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12562

117) Accused pot grower's mother gets probation after plea in Logan County District Court http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12567

118) The inside story of how marijuana became legal in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12574

119) Cracking down on pot farms in national forests http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12575

120) Parts of Colorado's pot legalization strategy exported to other states http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12576

121) Legalized marijuana set to become a big Colorado industry http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12580

122) Drug-sniffing dogs may have a harder time with passage of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12587

123) Watered-down stoned driving bill irks King http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12588

124) Colorado's first hash bars opening today http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12590

125) Dacono dispensaries shut down, destroy medical marijuana inventory http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12591

November (~690 posts)

1)Pot shop regulations hazy if Amendment 64 passes in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11465

2) Boulder, marijuana businesses at odds over city's proposed new regulations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11466

3) Mexican think tank says Colorado, Washington, Oregon pot legalization would cut cartel profit http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11468

4) Colorado Police Sergeant Weighs Pros, Cons of Medical Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11475

5) Amendment 64 brings out strong opinions http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11483

6)  Voters weigh groundbreaking marijuana initiative http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11489

7)  County suspends pot shop's license http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11493

8)  Boulder County investigates possible A64 misrepresentation http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11496

9) Despite court order, police hold on to pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11502

10) Realizing legal marijuana in Colorado could be decided by individual cities http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11506

11) Marijuana: Economic stimulant, or just a can of worms http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11509

12) Meet the Three Coloradans Who May Legalize Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11518

13) City of Steamboat Springs plans ahead for potential Amendment 64 passage http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11519

14) What to Expect if Amendment 64 Passes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11520

15) Town seeks to define ‘community need' for medical pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11521

16) Yes on 64 is help for PTSD patients http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11523

17)  Amendment 64: What do people who sell marijuana think? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11532

18) Manager of Safety predicts law enforcement "turmoil" if it passes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11538

19) Taking a Closer Look at Marijuana Legalization in Colo. http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11543

20) Pot arrests up despite medical cards http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11549

21) Nation watches as Coloradans vote on whether to legalize marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11551

22) U.S. watching Colorado's marijuana legalization vote http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11556

23) Supporters cheer as Colorado marijuana measure takes early lead http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11557

24) Colorado passes proposal to legalize marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11558

25) Unofficial numbers show Berthoud Question 300 fails http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11561

26) Coloradans say yes to recreational use of marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11567

27) Colo. voters OK legalization of recreational pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11569

28) Fort Collins voters drop ban on MMJ businesses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11577

29) D.A. Dan May responds to Colorado legalizing marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11579

30) Coloradans legalize marijuana but fight isn't over http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11583

31) Amendment 64: Attorney General/marijuana critic John Suthers would defend it in court http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11587

32) Colorado A Mile High After Voters Approve Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11595

33)  Colorado legalizes marijuana, federal pot ban still in place http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11596

34) Hickenlooper reaching out to feds on Colorado marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11598

35) Dispensaries submit new signatures for special election bid http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11599

36) Colorado Attorney General: We will implement Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11602

37) Amendment 64 not prodding Colorado to promote marijuana tourism http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11603

38) Hickenlooper doubles down on pot-measure munchie quip http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11613

39) Voters Ease Marijuana Laws in 2 States, but Legal Questions Remain http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11615

40)  Legal Weed: Marijuana More Popular Than Barack Obama In Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11620

41) Amendment 64: The real challenge lies ahead for legalized marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11627

42) Passage of Amendment 64 gives way to questions about implementation, federal intervention http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11628

43) PitCo high on legalizing weed http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11633

44) Amendment 64 could shake up medical marijuana industry http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11634

45) Despite Amendment 64, CU-Boulder still plans to snuff 4/20 smoke-out http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11635

46)  Out-of-state money funded push to pass Amendment 64 and legalize marijuana in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11644

47) Green Economy: Denver hosts marijuana business conference as fight continues over Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11649

48) Local MMJ centers being barraged with calls http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11650

49) Boulder-area police debate how to handle marijuana in light of conflicting laws http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11653

50) Passage of Amendment 64 brings more questions than answers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11654

51) Fort Collins voters overturn dispensary ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11658

52) 2 Days After Pot Votes, Industry Gathers In Denver http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11667

53) With pot legalized, Colorado enters drug-policy brave new world http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11668

54) Path to legalized pot remains unclear despite Tuesday’s vote http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11669

55) Is pot beer on the horizon in light of Colorado marijuana legalization? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11671

56) No Pot Smoking in Montrose http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11678

57) Pot legalization puts bankers in a pickle http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11686

58) Fort Collins working on bringing back MMJ dispensaries http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11687

59) Summit County considers impacts of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11689

60) Many non-smokers voted to legalize pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11691

61) Marijuana legalization's aftermath: State must set regulations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11692

62) Colorado attorney general casts doubt on taxes for legalized pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11693

63) South Metro Drug Task Force disbands http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11700

64) Marijuana in Colorado: Ready for Business, Complete with Regulations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11709

65) Amendment 64 routes dollars from marijuana tax into Colorado schools http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11711

66)  Marijuana vote leaves questions http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11715

67) Boulder bud industry braces for change http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11720

68) Pot advocates expect Hickenlooper, Suthers to lead on legalization implementation http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11721

69) Legal marijuana may lead to booming business in Colo. http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11728

70) Extension offices still won't help you grow pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11732

71) Colorado reps seek state exemption from federal pot prohibition laws http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11742

72) Pot not purely a partisan issue in Routt County http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11745

73) $7.7 million pushed pot drive http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11753

74) Colorado marijuana activists buttoned down to win legalization measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11754

75) Colorado: Local officials eye new marijuana reality http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11761

76) Local growers optimistic about Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11764

77)  Stop nets 200-plus pounds of pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11772

78) John Hickenlooper stresses urgency in Amendment 64 call to Eric Holder http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11781

79) High hopes for pot users with passage of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11782

80) Colo. AG Suthers finds two potential flaws in marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11783

81) CSU discussing marijuana policy after 64 passes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11791

82) Legalizing And Regulating Pot: A Growth Industry http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11808

83) Steamboat Springs City Council passes on emergency marijuana ordinance http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11809

84) Amendment 64 will not affect university’s policy on drugs or 4/20 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11810

85) CannaBiz 11/14/2012: DA changes course http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11811

86) Online petition started asking White House to support states' right to legalize marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11814

87) 10 year old arrested at school http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11820

88) Ski Utah 'not concerned' about marijuana legalization in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11823

89) Boulder DA dismissing small-scale marijuana possession cases in light of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11827

90) Law, Science, and the Coming Brawl Over Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11829

91) Colorado governor asks again for federal pot response http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11835

92) Pot vote requires action by officials http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11839

93) Dacono voters support marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11843

94) Boulder drops pot cases; prosecutors persist here http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11845

95) Loveland will ponder pot opt-out http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11846

96) US representatives send letter urging president not to act against Colorado pot law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11849

97) With pot legal, police worry about road safety http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11852

98) Pot possession still illegal during interim http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11856

99) Denver CEO says legal pot will make it hard to hire, devastate economy http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11864

100) Denver to limit pot prosecutions; other cities follow suit http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11868

101) Weld County to continue marijuana prosecutions http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11870

102) DA May has no plans for mass dismissal of marijuana cases http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11872

103) Denver joins Boulder in dropping prosecution of limited pot possession http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11874

104) Appeals court orders return of man's medical marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11881

105) Smoke won’t clear on legal marijuana effects in the city until December at the earliest http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11883

106) Marijuana use illegal on military bases, Colorado amendment changes nothing for service members http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11913

107) As Colo. goes to pot, prosecutors saying ho-hum http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11917

108) Big Questions Surround Marijuana Legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11919

109) Marijuana banking issue looms large in the wake of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11921

110) Springs cops return man's marijuana after legal ordeal http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11922

111) DeGette files bill to require feds to respect marijuana law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11923

112) Wyoming, Colorado marijuana laws collide at border http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11927

113) Colorado lawmakers ask feds to back off on marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11942

114) Pot prosecution is trickier now http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11943

115) South Jeffco marijuana dispensary loses legal appeal http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11945

116) Routt County law enforcement officials have taken lax approach with marijuana laws http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11948

117) Grand Valley cities on hold over marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11956

118)  Suspected $15M pot farmer pleads guilty http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11961

119) Denver CEO worries how new pot rules will affect hiring http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11964

120) Clarifying Federal Law on Marijuana - U.S. Can Insist that it is Illegal, but Can't Force States to Enforce the Law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11972

121) Eighteen legislators ask feds to respect Colorado's Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11975

122) Boulder DA: No charges after complaint against Amendment 64 campaign http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11976

123) Loveland voters favored legal pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11978

124) Medical marijuana businesses thrive under Colorado's tough rules http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11995

125) Why Latinos helped pass a marijuana law in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11997

126) Sen. King resurrects marijuana DUID bill http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11999

127) Gray period awaits before pot shops open http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12002

128) How high is too high on Colorado roads? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12008

129) City decides to delay any marijuana decision until feds clear up their stances http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12009

130) Amendment 64 passes in El Paso County http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12011

131) Medical marijuana facility finds a new home http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12016

132) Status quo still reigns in Grand County after Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12018

133) Amendment 64 effects won't be seen here until next year http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/1202

134) After Colorado legalizes marijuana, universities still say no to pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12026

135)  Parker to vote on banning marijuana shops http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12027

136) Cannabis community braces for regulatory fix http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12028

137) INCB President voices concern about the outcome of recent referenda about non-medical use of cannabis in the United States in a number of states http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12039

138) Englewood among cities taking action with moratorium on marijuana shops http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12040

139) Mesa County studies whether to ban marijuana shops http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12048

140) Following win, Colorado marijuana activists debate how hard to push http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12051

141) Cultivation of industrial hemp likely will be OK'd http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12053

142) Colorado appeals court case debates question of off-duty marijuana use http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12055

143) Ready to light up? Not so fast http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12060

144) Colorado's pot-legalizing Amendment 64 moves a step forward to becoming law today http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12065

145) Aurora forgoes prosecuting small scale pot possession http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12068

146)  The 10 Things That Led to Legalized Marijuana in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12071

147) Amendment 64 could cause Carbondale council to hit pause on new medical marijuana shops http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12069

148) Dacono's medical marijuana dispensaries must leave city by year's end http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12072

149) Aurora prosecutors to dismiss small possession marijuana cases http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12073

150) Hickenlooper to create task force on Colorado marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12081

151) Douglas County takes first step to ban pot shops http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12087

152) Traffic stop leads to marijuana bust in garage on Windsor's Main Street http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12091

153) Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division launches redundant private caregiver registry http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12107

154) Cops in Fort Collins cite people for marijuana possession despite vote http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12109

155) Buck defends continuing prosecution of marijuana users http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12111

156) Waiting to exhale http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12119

157) In Colorado, Seeking the New Normal in Marijuana Use http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12123

158) Pot trafficker gets home sentence http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12131

159) Marijuana amendment means 'more questions than answers' http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12132

160) Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division considering rule changes, wants public input http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12141

161) Colorado Drug Investigators Concerned Over Legalizing Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12143

162) Judge rejects argument pot contracts can't be enforced -- and attorney's okay with it http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12146

163) California pilot who flew 55 pounds of pot into Boulder gets 2 years probation, $10,000 fine http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12147

164) Colorado deputy AG says his office will defend pot vote http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12148

165) Douglas County Mulls Banning Growing & Selling Pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/12150

October (~420 posts)

1) Pot legalization measure leads voters to debate safety,

economy http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11056

2) Colorado Vets See Spike In Cases Of ‘Stoner Dogs’


3) State Sen. Shawn Mitchell comes out in favor of ballot

measure legalizing pot


4) In the weeds: Fed response to Colorado vote to legalize

marijuana tough to predict


5) Colorado pot measure touts GOP support


6) State cites Legal Meds for several alleged infractions


7)  Obama looks for a “bud bump” as Colorado weighs pot

legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11077

8) Sheriff announces “strong opposition” to Amendment 64


9) Fort Collins Chamber Opposes Marijuana Ballot Measures http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11085

10) City of Boulder, med-pot shop tussle over product http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11091

11) Stinky neighbor affecting nearby businesses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11097

12) Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division cuts out middle man in legal cannabis sales http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11102

13) Medical marijuana back underground http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11105

14) Cannabis activists back for another hit http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11108

15) Regents wag finger at amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11110

16) Our View: Vote 'no' on Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11112

17) Liberal marijuana laws are a mistake http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11116

18) Berthoud forum on marijuana will address both town and state ballot measures http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11119

19) Fake checkpoint nets 3 real-life I-70 pot suspects http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11121

20) Senator takes action: Aims to ban high driving http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11122

21) Doctors face off over Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11123

22) Legalizing marijuana not good for us http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11124

23) More than 300 doctors endorsing Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11130

24) Colorado Springs City Council to consider pot resolution at meeting http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11131

25) Will Colorado Legalize Pot? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11132

26)  Marijuana legalization up to voters http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11136

27) Medical marijuana fight fires up in Berthoud http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11139

28) Springs City Council Says No To Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11143

29) Wanda James on closure of edibles business, MMJ banking, Obama and more http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11149

30) Berthoud forum on medical marijuana dispensaries turns heated http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11157

31)  Denver DA Mitch Morrissey joins law enforcers denouncing Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11160

32) Sentinel endorsements for 2012:Yes on Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11171

33) Marijuana legalization on ballot in 3 states, but Justice Department remains silent http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11177

34) 300 Colorado Doctors, 130 Professors Endorse Marijuana Legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11178

35) Amendment 64: What does it mean for you, for Colorado? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11201

36) Colo. bid to legalize marijuana leads in polls http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11205

37) Boulder council considers updates to medical marijuana rules http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11206

38) Editorial: Amendment 64 is the wrong way to legalize marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11207

39) Hancock To Make Big Pitch Against Marijuana Ballot Initiative http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11212

40) Amendment 64's opponents want new ad pulled, backers respond http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11214

41) Denver business leaders come out against legal-pot measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11216

42) Neighbors wonder if man was killed for medical marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11217

43) Marijuana backers courting conservatives in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11222

44) Colorado's Largest Union Endorses Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11224

45)  Police: Medical marijuana dispensary owner admits to selling $400K worth of pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11230

46) Boulder council gives initial approval to medical marijuana rule changes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11237

47) Boulder City Council takes stance against Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11238

48) Amendment 64: Better for Business or Mixed Message? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11243

49) Committees form, buy signs and flyers around dispensary question http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11250

50) Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division e-mail snafu causes backup in MMJ warehouses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11253

51) Colorado marijuana-legalization measure raises question of pot tourism http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11254

52) We must move forward: Out Front endorses Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11263

53)  Adams 12 opposes Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11265

54) Buck - Colorado should keep marijuana illegal http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11275

55) THC-infused jerky being removed from dispensary shelves over USDA rule? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11280

56) Medical marijuana brings "green rush" to Colo. http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11282

57) AR - Colorado Drug Investigators weigh in on medical marijuana debate http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11286

58) Voters made right call on marijuana shops last year http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11287

59) Clergy split over legalizing pot in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11291

60) Amendment 64 is wrong for Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11295

61) U.S. Justice Department Could Sue If Amendment 64 Passes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11303

62) Colorado Amendment 64 pot legalization gaining support on both sides of aisle http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11304

63) Pot measures successful at the municipal level, not state http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11305

64) Gary Johnson visits Fort Collins: Yes on Amendment 64, yes on Initiative 301 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11306

65) Colorado marijuana-legalization amendment spending tops $3 million http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11309

66) Vote to limit availability of marijuana to youths http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11314

67) Medical Marijuana: Will Colorado's "green rush" last? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11315

68) Breakdowns of Amendment 64 campaign-finance reports http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11321

69)  Religiosos hispanos se oponen a la legalización de la marihuana en Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11323

70) Springs Business Alliance opposes Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11326

71) Driver High On Pot Re-Sentenced For Hitting Teen http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11362

72) Marijuana arrests in Colorado disproportionate for young and people of color http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11370

73) Mothers Have Mixed View On Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11381

74) Colorado revenue boost from marijuana legalization uncertain http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11382

75) Some doctors backpedaling on pot support http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11385

76) Colorado medical-marijuana advocates ponder Amendment 64's impact http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11407

77) What if legal pot becomes more than medical? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11420

78) Municipal marijuana measures OK, but not 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11433

79)  Dr. Christian Thurstone discusses medical marijuana legislation in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11435

80) School boards lean against Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11436

81) Wyoming Feels the Rocky Mountain High http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11441

82) Marijuana possession arrests up despite medical cards http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11445

83) What happens in Wyo. if Colo. legalizes pot? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11451

84) Governor fights legalizing of pot in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11452

85) The history of cannabis in Colorado...or how the state went to pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11459

86) 266 licensed MMCs in Colorado, 272 pending http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11461

87) Medical Marijuana Accounts for $7 Million in Sales Tax for Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11464

88) Pot shop regulations hazy if Amendment 64 passes in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11465

89) Boulder, marijuana businesses at odds over city's proposed new regulations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11466

90) Colorado Police Sergeant Weighs Pros, Cons of Medical Marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11475

September (~300 postings)

1)  Air mission turns tragic http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10761

2) Marijuana business owner gives inside look at setup "hoops" http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10773

3) ‘The Stoner State’ http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10775

4) Bid to ban driving while high is back for another try http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10780

5) Lawmakers Skeptical Of Colorado Pot Legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10788

6) Boulder seeks input on medical marijuana rule changes http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10790

7) Lawmaker: Pot proposal on ballot could be ‘litigated for decades’ http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10801

8) Police still have seized pot afterall http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10803

9) Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division's next available appointment: February 2013 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10809

10)  Fallen Public Servant Called "A True Hero" http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10814

11) Fraser board OKs Grand County's first pot shop http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10815

12) Boulder's medical marijuana industry thins in face of strict city regulation http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10817

13) Berthoud residents turn out for medical marijuana meeting http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10821

14) Colorado marijuana legalization campaign goes to court over ballot book http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10822

15) Study finds perilous mold in pot-growing operations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10830

16) ParkCo will leaf Bailey pot dispensary alone http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10842

17) Marijuana Proponents Fight “Blue Book” Publishing http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10843

18) CU regents vote to oppose marijuana legalization under Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10851

19) Town puts brakes on two medical pot centers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10858

20) Marijuana backers lose dispute over CO voter guide http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10860

21) Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper opposes marijuana-legalization measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10859

22) Citizens disengaged, divided on municipal dispensary question http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10869

23) Amendment 64: to legalize or not to legalize? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10875

24) Colo. lawmakers revisit marijuana DUI standard http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10889

25) Colorado marijuana legalization initiative leads in new poll http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10891

26) Cops found another marijuana field prior to tragedy http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10894

27) Marijuana legalization opponents hit back at poll http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10903

28) Opposition grows on Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10911

29) 10 Colorado marijuana businesses shut down http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10914

30) Out-of-state contributions driving measure to legalize marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10917

31) Amendment 64: Who's Bankrolling What? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10923

32) DUID Bill heading back to senate floor http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10925

33)  Exploits from a cartel pot farm raid http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10927

34) Pot could be tax windfall, but skeptics abound http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10929

35) Colorado Education Association opposing Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10931

36) Lafayette Taser death: Federal court hears Ryan Wilson family's excessive force claim  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10933

37) Clergyman in favor of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10938

38) Marijuana operators lack Pitkin County licenses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10939

39) Head Of Colorado Education Assn. Says ‘No’ To Money Legal Marijuana Would Raise http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10946

40) CU-Boulder 4/20 student protesters: Case dropped after they volunteer for Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10948

41) Future shock: What happens if Colorado legalizes pot? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10951

42) Police make arrest after MMJ robbery http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10955

43) Former law enforcement members endorse Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10956

44) Berthoud business owners voice support for Herb's Medicinals http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10957

45) Transportation Committee gets wheels up on ‘13 bills http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10964

46) Amendment 64 opponents dub Tony Ryan, decorated Denver officer, a rent-a-cop http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10966

47) Tom Tancredo backs marijuana measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10968

48)  Littleton anti-marijuana resolution fails  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10969

49) 64: It’s not the answer http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10970

50) Larimer Sheriff finds 375 pounds marijuana, 7 guns in drug raids; 2 arrested http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10971

51) Latino And Black Law Enforcement Groups Endorse Colorado Marijuana Initiative http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10972

52) Pitkin County gives marijuana shops time to obtain licenses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10976

53) Cops find pot grow at home of Grand Junction man http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10980

54) Opponents of legalizing marijuana focus on risk to teens http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10986

55) Some dispensary owners worry about impact of legalization of marijuana in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10987

56) Mesa County authorities oppose Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10996

57) San Miguel County commissioners support Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11006

58) Do you support Amendment 64, the legalization of marijuana? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11017

59) New pro-marijuana group forms after PTSD denial http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11031

60) Testing: one, two, three? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11034

61)  Adams 12 school board leery of Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11042

62) Marijuana Sides Debate Colorado’s Future http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11047

63) Police Chiefs, Drug Investigators Say Medical Marijuana Is Out Of Control http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/11052

August (~220 posts)

1) Colorado's medical pot industry fuels illegal trade, review shows http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10538

2) Convicted in Medical Marijuana Case, Norwood Burglar Gets 10 Years http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10545

3) Boulder included in latest round of marijuana dispensary shut-down letters http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10548

4) Denver DA: Octogenarian busted for growing 400 pot plants in backyard http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10550

5) Medical Marijuana Division Has More Vehicles Than Workers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10564

6) County passes resolution opposing Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10570

7) Former Fort Collins mayor pens anti-pot book; critics pan him http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10572

8) Sean Marino pleads guilty to vehicular assault charges in 9-car crash in Boulder http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10578

9) CannaBiz 8/8/2012: Initiative 40 goes quietly away http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10582

10) Mystery money powers Colorado ballot questions http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10583

11) CU-Boulder ranked No. 3 party school in the country by Newsweek http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10590

12) Medical marijuana at state level found illegal in potential blockbuster court ruling http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10592

13) Medical marijuana can land in the hands of adolescent users, study shows http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10598

14) Report asks officials to tighten medical pot rules http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10609

15)  Hundreds of pot plants seized http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10612

16) Indictment: Denver marijuana dispensary part of illegal pot ring http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10620

17) Marijuana in Colorado- Should it be Legalized as a Drug? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10623

18) Denver medical marijuana advertising ban passes key vote http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10629

19) Suthers gives pot measure thumbs down http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10649

20) High country harvest http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10650

21) $15 million marijuana bust conducted near Pueblo Wednesday http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10652

22) Dacono dispensaries submit petition to let residents vote on pot ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10654

23) Accused MJ grower gets $20k bond in court http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10660

24)  Sheriff warns of marijuana ballot question after $15M drug bust http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10661

25) MMJ petition too late, Dacono officials say http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10664

26) Amendment 64 opponents dispute new study, ask where the money will go http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10669

27) Colorado court ruling says medical marijuana trumped by federal law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10671

28) Breaking new ground http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10672

29) Pot bust nets over 300 plants http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10677

30) Outdoor advertising for medical marijuana banned in Denver http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10684

31) Colorado firefighters found large pot grow during Waldo Canyon fire http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10690

32) Weld commissioners oppose marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10704

33) 14K marijuana plants burned at Pueblo steel mill http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10709

34)  MMJ Grow Facility Expands Footprint, But Not Number of Plants http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10717

35) Supporters of Amendment 64 Have Raised $1.4 Million http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10722

36)  Marijuana Legalization: More Than 100 College Professors Express Support For Colorado's Legal Pot Measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10730


July (~150 posts)

1) State moratorium lifts, influx of medical pot centers not expected http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10411

2) MMJ patient acquitted of drug charges http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10414

3) Supreme Court ruling stokes Colorado pot debate http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10416

4) State pot vote could extend city’s moratorium  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10420

5) Dacono dispensary owners look to council to overturn ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10428

6) High time for Loveland, surrounding communities and state http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10433

7) Vague medical-marijuana rule led to criminal charges, lawsuit alleges http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10436

8) MMJ stash at Auraria could be country's biggest collection of marijuana magazines http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10437

9) Boulder County medical marijuana caregiver sentenced to 9 years in federal prison http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10438

10) Medical marijuana dispensaries charged in Springs sue to clarify plant count rules http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10448

11) CU-Boulder ranked among top party schools of decade http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10457

12) Study shows marijuana dispensaries don’t increase teen pot use http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10458

13) The cost of doing business http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10459

14) Billboard Features Evangelical Leader Endorsing Marijuana Legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10469

15) Dacono pot shops look to voters for lifeline http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10476

16) 3 CU-Boulder students arrested on 4/20 have cases transferred to county court http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10481

17) Fort Collins Council approves ballot initiative http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10482

18) Take my face off billboard, TV evangelist demands http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10491

19) Carbondale man sold pot, pipe to 12-year-old, DA says http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10498

20) Norwood pot fugitive hunt swings to Arizona http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10500

21) Medical pot applicant denied http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10505

22) Marijuana Legalization Effort Draws Support from Conservatives http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10517

23) Broome gets 10 years for role in Norwood robbery http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10521

24) Medical marijuana caregiver numbers much lower than previously thought http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10524

June (~200 posts)

1) CO Supreme Court ruling leaves patients unprotected, plaintiffs say http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10208

2) Marijuana initiative could make or break Obama in Colorado http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10222

3) Woman living next to marijuana grower has had enough http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10225

4) Surge in crime involving medical marijuana in Denver http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10226

5) Medical marijuana grower agrees to dismissal of its Chapter 11 case http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10230

6) Proponents of legal pot seek voter approval http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10232

7) Colorado the new front in US pot reform battle http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10247

8) Denver panel moves outdoor medical pot ad ban measure to city council http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10250

9) Colorado Supreme Court says pot not a right under state constitution http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10273

10) Colorado marijuana measure's backers, foes buoyed by out-of-state support http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10275

11) Jury returns not guilty verdict in MMJ case http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10279

12) Poll shows 61% of Coloradans favor legalizing pot http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10283

13) AG Eric Holder urged to oppose Colorado marijuana ballot issue  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10294

14) Police stop 23 Boulder-bound drivers on U.S. 36 at drug checkpoint http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10300

15) Ken Buck to lead campaign against marijuana legalization http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10301

16) Medical marijuana patient-tracking database was never publicly discussed? http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10306

17) Determining DUI threshold for pot hinges on impairment http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10309

18) Legal pot shops do not boost teen drug use, Colorado study says http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10324

19) Former Denver pot dispensary owners to plead guilty to federal charges http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10334

20) Red light, green light http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10353

21) CBI says cross-checking MMJ registery against gun databases off the table http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10357

22) Elisa Kappelmann acquittal ends another wasteful pot prosecution, attorney says http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10373

23) Medical marijuana on the ballot again in Fort Collins http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10380

24) Nathan Do, target in Cherry Top Farms raid, killed in crash http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10393

25) Berthoud public to decide fate of MMJ http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10401

26) Pot Backers Tout Parental Support http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10403

27) Bob Crouse apparently found not guilty http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10406

May (~250 postings)

1) Colorado Senate gives initial OK to stoned driving limits  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9969

2) Medical-marijuana policies in Colorado nursing homes are cloudy http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9971

3) The squeeze is on http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9973

4) Police return stash to Colorado man acquitted of felony marijuana charges  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9992

5) Denver lawyer loses liability insurance over medical-marijuana clients http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10012

6) Marijuana money prompts legal flap in Colorado  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10027

7) 25 dispensaries' closure to protect "students," not just children http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10040

8) Industrial hemp study bill approved, but hurdles remain http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10046

9) Marijuana driving limits die on Colorado House floor  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10030

10) Colorado marijuana legalization camp to run Mother’s Day-themed TV ad http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10048

11) Romney Loses Cool When Questioned About Marijuana, Gay Marriage http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10050

12) Drugged-driving measure is making lawmakers dizzy http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10080

13) Medical Marijuana Industry Group pushes plan for outdoor MMJ ad ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10068

14) Colorado Republicans vote to fund fed war on medical marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10077

15) Senate Extinguishes Driving While Stoned Measure http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10111

16) Group argues weed is safer than booze http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10118

17) Dacono marijuana dispensaries preparing for fight  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10120

18) ‘Driving while stoned’ bill not a high priority for legislators  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10126

19) Watchdog Asks To Stub Pot Grower’s Bankruptcy http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10128

20) Pitkin County considers marijuana licenses  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10141

21) Dacono council advances dispensary ban http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10155

22) Summit County finalizes medical marijuana regulations http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10156

23) Fort Collins garden store owner accused of distributing large amounts of marijuana http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10164

24) Price tag of CU-Boulder's 4/20 crackdown: $279,000 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10167

25) Former Fort Collins MMJ provider charged with illegal pot grow aims for trial http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10177

26) New marijuana regs won’t likely close grow sites http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10180

27) Police Seek Tips In Killing Of Medical Pot Provider http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10192

28) Medical marijuana patient-tracking program moving forward http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/10197

April (~340 posts)

1)  CU-Boulder announces new 4/20 crackdown, plans to ticket pot smokers http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9634

2) Colorado slashing pot regulators because of declining license fees  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9632

3) Lyons keeps dispensaries, voting down outright ban  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9638

4) Medical marijuana retail ban rejected in Lyons, approved in Fruita and Crawford  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9646

5) Colorado marijuana legalization effort gets a billboard  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9656

6) Editorial: Railing against peaceful pot protests http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9674

7)  Marijuana dispensary robbed  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9676

8)  'Kingpins' who brought 45,000 pounds of pot annually to Colorado from Mexico sentenced  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9680

9)  Probation ordered in pot case  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9691

10) San Miguel County commissioners look into medical marijuana businesses  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9693

11) Garfield County moves forward with marijuana rules  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9694

12)  Deputies confiscate 25 marijuana plants from Fort Collins grow operation  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9704

13)  CU-Boulder to close campus to visitors on 4/20, ticket trespassers  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9712

14)  Colorado court rejects right to use medical marijuana   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9732

15)  Colorado Democratic Party Supports Amendment 64  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9738

16)  Several Marijuana Shops Forced To Move  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9750

17)  Medical marijuana benefits provider shutting down  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9762

18)  My suburban pot secret   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9766

19)  Coalition aims to reclaim 420   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9778

20)  County grants first medical pot license http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9785

21) Group seeks to overturn Fort Collins medical marijuana shop ban with ballot initiative  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9791  

22)  The pot trade grows up  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9794

23)  Judge rules CU can close Boulder campus in effort to fight 4/20  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9818

24)  Drug-free options to 4/20 smoke-out set in 8 Colorado counties  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9827

25)  War on medical marijuana begins in Berthoud  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9828

26)  Colorado lights up pot debate by blazing regulatory trail  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9835

27)  Hundreds march onto CU-Boulder campus, light up for 4/20 protest   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9850

28)  Thousands Gather For 4/20 Rally In Downtown Denver http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9858

29) Police arrest 3 CU-Boulder students protesting 4/20 closure  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9862

30)  As Many As 5 Pot Initiatives Could Be On November Ballot  As Many As 5 Pot Initiatives Could Be On November Ballot

31)  Dacono weighs marijuana ban  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9891

32)  Proposal Would Bail Out State’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9904

33)  Dixie Elixirs sold to California company   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9917

34)  Colorado marijuana initiative gets huge cash infusion  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9940

35) Initiatives undermine advances   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9942


March (~280 postings)

1)  Getting marijuana initiative on Colorado ballot cost a bundle   

2)  Summit County looks to get it right on medical marjuana regulations  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9349

3)  State advances marijuana DUI legislation  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9352
4)  Park County plan makes home grows open to warrantless inspection  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9356

5)  Colorado lawmakers consider further marijuana training   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9358

6)  Medical marijuana halts rental plans  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9373

7)  Rep. Jared Polis Brilliantly Mocks DEA Agent's Excuse For Why Pot is "Dangerous"  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9375

8)  State court denies pot conviction appeal  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9379

9)  Many pot-business marriages end with bad divorces  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9381

10)  Recent Marijuana Grow Facility Fires Have Common Thread  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9397

11)  Denver's new DEA chief plans to live in a city where dispensaries are banned  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9409

12)  Televangelist Pat Robertson endorses Colorado marijuana legalization  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9421

13)  Teen busted in Carbondale pot shop burglary  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9447

14)  Two more marijuana initiatives filed  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9465

15  Garnett asks feds to leave Boulder dispensaries alone http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9469

16) Majority of Denver Republican Assembly supports Amendment 64  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9494

17) Medical pot tax a boon?  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9500

18)  Stoned driving epidemic puts wrinkle in nationwide medical marijuana debate  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9503

19)  Feds to Boulder DA: Keeping marijuana away from schools a 'core responsibility'  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9528

20)  Insurance issues may kill medical pot in county  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9531

21)  U.S. Attorney sends seizure threat to 25 more dispensaries  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9543

22)  2 Windsor, Loveland doctors accused of wrongly handing out medical marijuana prescriptions  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9547

23)  Berthoud to allow one new medical marijuana dispensary, require private caregivers to register  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9590

24)  State rule snags 2 Cortez medical pot centers  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9600

25)  Bill to drug test welfare recipients dies in Colorado House in second reading   http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9609

26)  Marijuana criminalized in Colorado 95 years ago today: Unhappy anniversary?  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9616

27)  Fruita Voters Weigh in on Pot Shop Ban  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9619

February (~300 postings)

1) Fort Collins dispensaries sue to stop Valentine's Day ban  

2)  Police: Smuggling suspect flew 55 pounds of marijuana into Boulder
airport  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9037

3) Hemp bill in Colorado legislature risks more headaches with feds

4) MCSO: Woman hosts parties with pot for kids as young as 10  

5)  Colorado pot-legalization initiative needs more signatures  

6) Nat Geo sparking up “Weed” series

7)  Medical marijuana card not a license to smoke on probation, court
rules  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9079

8)  Medical marijuana a threat to state’s children  

9) Suspects nabbed in dispensary robbery  

10) Marijuana industry welcomes regulation  

11)  Boulder approves 9-month moratorium on marijuana businesses

12)  Man gets two years for marijuana  

13)  A tale of two medical marijuana cities   

14)  15-Year-Old Arrested For Growing Marijuana   

15)  Colorado bill to drug test for welfare advances  

16) Nearly 100 charged in largest drug bust in Colorado history  

17)  NedFest on for 2012 despite death of founder 'Michigan Mike'  

18)  Springs teen: Dispensaries not selling to us  

19)  In Fort Collins, marijuana dispensaries close

20)  Banking for pot shops rejected in Colorado

21)  Medical marijuana centers cost Boulder more than they bring in?  

22)  Fort Collins Pot Shops Disappear  

23)  Mines student jailed over marijuana in Japan returns to Colo.  

24)  MMJ dispensaries left with few options after bank bill dies  

25)  Marijuana activist Ken Gorman remembered on fifth anniversary of his
murder  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9207

26)  Marijuana advocates are no stranger to ‘invalid signatures’ on
petitions  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9206

27)  Bill pushed by medical marijuana industry goes to pot  

28) Fort Collins City Council limits pot grows to houses  

29)  Marijuana advocates prepare to fight THC driving bill  

30) CU Student Government asks freshmen to avoid 4/20   

31)  Hemp study bill could open doors for Colorado industrial hemp
production  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9270

32)  Suicide rates fall when states legalize medical marijuana, says new
study  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9277

33) Lyons town residents will vote on medical marijuana centers  

34)  CALL7 Finds Unsecured Marijuana Behind Dispensaries  

35)  Marijuana-legalization initiative qualifies for ballot  

36)  Busy day for policy on pot in Colorado  

37)  Colorado post offices see increase in marijuana packages

38)  Englewood weighs medical marijuana rules  

39)  All targeted Colorado marijuana dispensaries near schools shut down,
Feds say  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9327

40)  Supporters rally for cancer patient facing felonies  

41)  Two of Five Norwood Home Invasion Participants Plead Guilty  

42)  New head of DEA in Colorado would rather “catch ‘em than cook ‘em”

43)  Walgreens installs time delay locks to deter drug thefts  

January (~300 postings):

1) Corrupt state trooper in Grand Junction http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8728

2) Guns, bullet proof vests and cocaine found in police search of fake dispensary http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8733

3) Signatures submitted for Amendment 64 http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8734

4) Eagle votes to allow http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8740

5) Boulder takes a breath http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8741

6) "Ninja" dispensary robber sentenced http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8751

7) Pot bust leaves grower in quandry http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8761

8) 4,200 patients seen by physician assistants being denied and rejected http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8765

9) Lawmakers vow bill to allow medical-pot co-ops as banks shut out industry http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8801

10) Marijuana dispensaries face shutdown by feds http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8824

11) Colorado medical marijuana businesses brace for federal crackdown http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8839

12) State senator plans to reintroduce bill to stop driving while stoned http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8849

13) Lawmaker seeks to create financial institution for marijuana businesses http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8857

14) School officials say nearby dispensaries don't worry them http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8858

15) Hemp study pushed by lawmakers could aide toxic cleanup http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8862

16) Feds going after marijuana dispensaries http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8879

17) Another pot measure could go to Colorado ballots http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8883

18) Marijuana-legalization initiative needs line-by-line review http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8892

19) Despite state constitution, medical marijuana violates federal law http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8922

20) No dispensaries but Aurora still home to 245 residential marijuana growing sites http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8951

21) Dozens of homes raided in marijuana investigation dubbed 'Operation Sweet Leaf," many arrested http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8953

22) Operation Sweet Leaf: 25 metro pot grows raided, 16 arrests, 1,000-plus plants seized http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8956

23) Medical marijuana patient numbers in Colorado decline for fifth month in a row http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/8987

24) FTC marijuana shop moves into Wheat Ridge http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9002

25) Fort Collins marijuana centers prepare for closing day http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9004

26) Sen. Steve King Pushing Marijuana DUI Bill Again http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9005

27) speeding phoenician  http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9016

28) Drug task force makes arrest in suspected smuggling operation at Boulder airport http://medicinalcolorado.org/node/9024