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Katharhynn Heidelberg 02/01/2015 In the time since Colorado voters legalized marijuana-use by adults, the state has seen an influx in “pot tourism,” controversy over edibles and their accessibility to children, praise and criticism.
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02/01/2015 A lone gunman robbed medicinal marijuana dispensary Rocky Mountain High on Saturday night of cash and certain marijuana products. The dispensary is in the Ptarmigan Center II at County Road 250 and Florida Road.
25 min 56 sec ago
Alex Burness 01/31/2015 A Firestone pair caught growing more than 1,000 marijuana plants at a home in Lafayette face felony cultivation charges, and must now prove that the grow operation is not illegal, as police have suggested.
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Rob Smoke, 01/29/2015 CU's "Colorado Creed" asks that members of the CU community, "act with honor, integrity and accountability in their interactions with students, faculty, staff and neighbors"; and also asks they "respect the rights of others and accept differences."
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Bryant Grimminger 01/29/2015 In 1619, the Virginia Assembly passed legislation to force every farmer in the state to grow a single crop. It was very useful for crafting clothing, rope and even sails.
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William M. Welch 01/29/2015 SAN FRANCISCO - Some Silicon Valley venture capitalists are high on the profit potential of pot.
41 min 7 sec ago
Sarah Zoellick 01/28/2015 CHEYENNE - Police Chief Brian Kozak hosted another marijuana seminar for the public Wednesday evening to present updated local statistics regarding marijuana as well as an overview of the impact legalization of the drug has had on Colorado.
42 min 31 sec ago
Ricardo Baca 01/29/2015 Colorado’s pot industry will face its first major regulatory shift of 2015 on Sunday when popular but controversial infused edibles will be forced to comply with new packaging, labeling and potency restrictions passed last year.
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AP 01/29/2015 DENVER - A marijuana industry group is taking Colorado lawmakers on a tour of some Denver dispensaries to show them how the pot business works.
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Michael Roberts 01/29/2015 According to the Aspen Daily News, Aspen currently has one marijuana dispensary for every 1,000 residents -- yet until now, fines for public smoking were vague at best.