6 min 57 sec ago
Jacob Sullum 12/18/2014 Today Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado, arguing that marijuana legalization there is having spillover effects on neighboring states and should be reversed because it violates federal law.
7 min 28 sec ago
Michael Roberts 12/19/2014 For months, Nebraska law enforcers and officials have been up in arms about Colorado's marijuana laws. Now, the state is attempting to take its complaints to the U.S. Supreme Court: Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is suing the State of Colorado, with Oklahoma jumping aboard. Continue to see the complete complaint, as well as photos, video and details.
8 min 50 sec ago
Charles Ashby 12/18/2014 The attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the constitutionality of Colorado’s recreational marijuana law.
9 min 18 sec ago
Phil Lindeman 12/19/2014 Christmas comes with handcuffs for a Summit County resident who was arrested earlier this week after Colorado marijuana was mailed to his New York hotel.
10 min 9 sec ago
Steven Nelson 12/18/2014 The state governments of Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit Thursday asking the U.S. Supreme Court to end marijuana legalization in neighboring Colorado. The Supreme Court has "original jurisdiction" in legal disputes between states, meaning it may be the first - and last - stop for the lawsuit.
11 min 26 sec ago
Mike Littwin 12/19/2014 Now we know what they do on a slow day (in other words, every day but ‘Husker game day) in Nebraska. They take their neighbors to court.
12 min 24 sec ago
John Tomasic 12/18/2014 The attorneys general for Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing neighboring Colorado for legalizing pot. Initial reports have suggested the two states were acting in response to the costs they have incurred as a result of legalization, presumably for policing the border against pot traffickers of the new era.
13 min 22 sec ago
Will Grandbois 12/19/2014 More than 8,000 pages of evidence have been compiled for court proceedings against the subjects of a major drug and racketeering investigation that has jailed at least 10 people in Garfield County.
13 min 55 sec ago
KORY GROW 12/19/2014 Oklahoma and Nebraska have filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court asking it to deem Colorado's marijuana laws unconstitutional, The Denver Post reports.
14 min 36 sec ago
Nicholas Riccardi, AP 12/19/2014 DENVER - Despite growing public support for legalizing marijuana, a lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma shows that at least two segments of American society are prepared to fight the idea before the nation's highest court — social conservatives and law enforcement.