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Connie Sullivan, Mayor Pro-Tem, Lyons 02/27/2015 In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known the author of this editorial piece is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do no necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.
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Ben Ingersoll 02/26/2015 Oak Creek - Before moving to Colorado, Nick Neidlein didn't smoke marijuana, knew next to nothing about the retail business and had never even seen many plants.
10 hours 16 min ago
02/26/2015 The Cedaredge Town Board on Feb. 19 indicated its willingness to court a proposal for a commercial marijuana business which manufactures infused-marijuana products in town.
10 hours 18 min ago
02/24/2015 The first ever meeting of the Pueblo County Liquor and Marijuana Licensing Board approved all of the items placed before it on Monday night including a controversial location near the Boy Scouts of America Service Center on Thatcher Ave.
10 hours 20 min ago
Ben Ingersoll 02/26/2015 Steamboat Springs - Stagecoach residents Frank Haughton and Lyndsey Shaw entered the marijuana business industry in Denver in 2007, more than half a decade before the state decided to legalize the recreational drug.
10 hours 22 min ago
Lyndsie Ferrell 02/26/2015 SOUTH FORK - The South Fork Town Board of Trustees will be holding a public meeting for the residents of South Fork to discuss the possibility of bringing either retail or medicinal marijuana to the area.
10 hours 31 min ago
KASSONDRA CLOOS 02/26/2015 Two people caused a small fire and one was injured trying to make hash oil Thursday afternoon in northeast Colorado Springs, according to police.
11 hours 50 min ago
02/25/2015 While many are clamoring to get in on Colorado’s explosive marijuana industry (which raked in $700 million in medical and recreational sales in 2014), there are those who are looking for a way out.
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Kristen Wyatt, AP 02/26/2015 DENVER - A crackdown on medical marijuana growers in Colorado passed its first and toughest test in the state Legislature on Thursday.
11 hours 52 min ago
William Breathes 02/25/2015 The Colorado Legislature is well into the 2015 session, considering bills that would repeal the ban on large-capacity gun magazines and prohibit powdered alcohol; there are also measures that deal with privacy from drones, college-tuition tax deductions and expanding rail service in southeastern Colorado.