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George Demopoulos 03/24/2015 To grab a piece of the Aurora market, a Denver marijuana retailer is launching a store twice the size of its Colfax location.
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03/24/2015 Colorado Springs is the conservative capital of our dear state. The Gazette, having been revitalized by tons of conservative cash, has been the public spokeswrap and parttime watchdog of the long list of conservatives who made their base here and took their, ummm, special kind of conservatism to Denver and DC.
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Lindsey Pallares 03/24/2015 DE BEQUE - The town of De Beque votes to put a cap on the number of recreational marijuana businesses it will allow to set up shop. In a “special” Monday meeting, several townspeople voiced their concerns regarding the blossoming pot industry in their small, western Colorado community.
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Anthony Cotton 03/24/2015 The city of Denver has ordered a hold on some marijuana plants from six grow facilities after the discovery that pesticides may have been improperly used.
4 min 37 sec ago
Thomas Mitchell 03/24/2015 The Denver City Council approved a plant limitation on non-licensed marijuana grows Monday night that could force many cultivating operations within city limits to shut down.
5 min 26 sec ago
Russ Baldwin 03/24/2015 The passage of Amendment 64 on the state constitution, has required the City of Lamar to review its Municipal Code and identify changes to keep the city’s ordinances regarding marijuana possession and use in compliance with the most recent upgrades to the state’s statutes.
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AP 03/24/2015 Colorado may give up on one of its toughest marijuana problems to emerge in the new market — making sure that edible pot products can't be confused with regular foods.
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Wayne Harrison 03/24/2015 GRAND JUNCTION - Police in Utah have named two persons of interest in the death of Kelly Mae Myers, the Grand Junction teen whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase in Mesa County last month.
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Bryce Crawford 03/25/2015 Update: This really is a disaster for the Gazette. As Westword's Michael Roberts points out in his post, multiple former Gazette staffers have taken to Facebook to criticize the series, including former editor Jeff Thomas.
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The Gazette editorial 03/25/2015 Today concludes The Gazette's four-part perspective on the world's boldest public policy experiment with commercialized recreational and medical pot.