3 min 35 sec ago
Samantha Wright 09/01/2014 OURAY – Voters will have a chance to decide this November whether to allow retail marijuana establishments to set up shop within city limits, and whether to charge such business an additional excise tax.
4 min 5 sec ago
HUGO MARTIN 01/05/2014 Colorado recently became the first state in the country where small amounts of recreational pot can be legally sold in specialty shops. But if you are flying out of the Centennial State with a doggy bag of marijuana, be warned that Denver International Airport has a zero-tolerance policy.
4 min 58 sec ago
01/05/2014 All eyes are on Colorado as the state becomes the first to permit shops to sell marijuana for recreational use. According to a recent USA Today article, marijuana sales are expected to rake in $400 million this year, with more than $40 million in tax revenue headed to public schools.
5 min 33 sec ago
Alison Vekshin 01/05/2014 At Medicine Man Denver, a shop that began selling marijuana for recreational use last week, people waited in line to get their first taste of legal weed. Some shouted “Freedom!” to the cheering crowd as they walked out with bags of dope. They also paid about double the cost of medical marijuana.
6 min 23 sec ago
MIKE ADAMS 01/03/2014 Smoking marijuana may soon lead to an epidemic of homeless stoners across Colorado.
28 min 50 sec ago
09/01/2014 GRAND JUNCTION – Former Police Chief Greg Morrison has opened Totally High Country Brownies, Inc. based in Grand Junction, CO.
32 min 54 sec ago
Paul Shockley 08/31/2014 Three years after charges were first filed, federal prosecutors last week filed a superseding indictment against two former western Colorado doctors who authorities allege were responsible for a regional spike in drug addiction.
19 hours 19 min ago
08/31/2014 TRINIDAD - Authorities say they have destroyed more than 1,300 marijuana plants that were being illegally grown in the Trinidad area.
19 hours 22 min ago
08/31/2014 A Chippewa Falls man faces a charge of second degree recklessly endangering safety after his daughter ate a chocolate bar with 225 milligrams of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.
1 day 22 min ago
Katharhynn Heidelberg 08/31/2014 Sam Jahani and Eric Peper will again be arraigned, after the feds filed a second superseding indictment in their health care fraud and drug case.