2 min ago
Chuck Slothower 01/10/2014 As legal recreational marijuana settles in across Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper said he isn’t about to lead the way in promoting marijuana business.
3 min 20 sec ago
01/08/2014 Pot won’t fly at Denver International Airport but marijuana advocates say it’s their right to travel with it if they bought it legally.
4 min 2 sec ago
Chris Loveless 01/08/2014 The city of Colorado Springs is banning marijuana possession in parts of the airport. The new rule will take effect on Friday January 10, 2014.
4 min 37 sec ago
Jan Hefler 01/08/2014 Diane Fornbacher, a nationally recognized marijuana legalization activist from Collingswood, is moving her family to Colorado. She says she needs cannabis to alleviate a health condition that NJ's medical marijuana program doesn't cover.
5 min 20 sec ago
Travis Ruiz 01/08/2014 COLORADO SPRINGS - Leaving the Colorado Springs Airport with marijuana in your possession is now set to be banned, according to city officials.
5 min 56 sec ago
John Ingold 01/08/2014 Only one week into Colorado’s history-making recreational marijuana industry, one shop has already sold out of pot, others fear they may soon join it and perhaps as many as 100,000 people have legally purchased marijuana at Colorado stores.
8 min 11 sec ago
Jacob Sullum 10/21/2014 Yesterday, after news outlets reported that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) had recommended a ban on all but a few forms of marijuana edibles, CDPHE officials quickly retreated from the idea.
9 min ago
10/22/2014 With expansion of marijuana into the medical and now recreational arena, marijuana use has become more prevalent across all age groups.
10 min 47 sec ago
Ralph Routon 10/22/2014 Through the years, Manitou Springs has embraced its reputation and personality: open-minded (some say liberal, but that's painting with too broad of a brush), fun-loving and, most of all, tolerant.
11 min 12 sec ago
Matthew Schniper 10/22/2014 With the marijuana industry's explosion, concern has bloomed over its resource consumption, especially at indoor outfits. Given fans, pumps, armies of thirsty plants and high-intensity lighting, utility usage will dwarf that of a homeowner.